Pointools is a UK based software company which specializes in high performance point cloud software. Founded in 2003, Pointools products can utilize data from almost any laser scanner; and can support many of the laser manufacturer’s native formats.

Be it a small object or a large aerial lidar survey, the series of Pointools software can be used to clean and process the point clouds, create movie quality animations, and build accurate digital models. The powerful software guarantees efficient, high quality point cloud visualization. Pointools has been used to capture geological features, urban landscapes, architectural wonders, and has been used for heritage preservation purposes.

Their powerful point cloud software includes:

  • Pointools Edit, which features:

    • Fast layer based editing for unrivaled flexibility and speed while segmenting, cleaning, and recoloring huge point clouds
    • Easy RGB recoloring with a 3D Brush tool and layer locking ability
    • Easy noise and obstruction cleaning with a flexible toolkit

  • Pointools View Pro, which features:

    • The ability to visualize huge data sets clearly
    • The ability to take point or distance measurements which can be easily exported into additional formats
    • the ability to produce high quality movie footage in a variety of formats which utilize motion blur and anti-aliasing for greater clarity

  • Pointools 4 Rhino, which adapts the power of Pointools into Rhinoceros, an ideal modeling and drawing program
  • Pointools Model, which adapts the power of Pointools into AutoCad, which allows for the manipulation of large data sets within the context of AutoCad
  • And Pointools Vortex API, which provides a base engine from which to build custom point cloud software.

Pointools donated their products to CyArk to further digital preservation efforts, particularly with regards to the CyArk 500.
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