Press Releases

CyArk and Phase One Partner to Preserve the World’s Cultural Heritage with High Fidelity Imaging

by Elizabeth Lee
February 6, 2018
CyArk, a non-profit organization dedicated to digitally recording, archiving and sharing the world’s cultural heritage, is partnering with Phase One, the world-leading provider of medium format digita ... READ MORE

Iron Mountain & CyArk Join Forces To Digitally Preserve Fort York

by Iron Mountain
October 4, 2017
Preservation project for national heritage site will use 3D laser scanning and cutting-edge virtual reality technologyTORONTO, Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A beautiful historic site that has stood the ... READ MORE

Air New Zealand to help showcase New Zealand’s history and culture to the world

by Air New Zealand
October 3, 2017
The Waitangi Treaty Grounds in the Bay of Islands will be digitally mapped by a renowned high tech United States organisation specialising in the preservation of sites of significance globally t ... READ MORE

Seagate Partners with CyArk to Preserve Historic City of Ayutthaya

by Elizabeth Lee
June 29, 2017
BANGKOK, Thailand – June 21, 2017 – Seagate Technology® (NASDAQ: STX) today announced a partnership with CyArk, an international non-profit organization, to digitally preserve Wat Phra Si San Phet in ... READ MORE

Arcadia Fund awards grant to support 3D recording of endangered cultural sites

by Makenna Murray
January 31, 2017
Project Anqa, which seeks to preserve cultural heritage using 3D digital recordings, has received a major contribution from the Arcadia Fund, a UK grant-making fund whose mission is to protect endange ... READ MORE

Climb Mt. Rushmore in VR with CyArk

by Makenna Murray
August 22, 2016
Oakland, CA—CyArk will be presenting its first ever public Virtual Reality Experience on the National Mall on Saturday, August 27 from 10am- 6pm at Constitution Gardens in Washington, DC.Featuring liv ... READ MORE

CyArk Debuts Virtual Reality Experiences for Education

by Makenna Murray
July 26, 2016
2016 is being called the year of Virtual Reality (VR). As the technology becomes readily accessible to consumers, organizations from the United Nations to the British Museum are finding ways to integr ... READ MORE

National Mall Employs High Tech Surveying for 21st-Century Preservation

by Makenna Murray
May 5, 2016
Washington, Oakland, May 5, 2016—3D data captured in 2013 has found a new application as the National Park Service prepares the Lincoln Memorial for its next century of use. Following the announcement ... READ MORE

CyArk Receives Grant from National Center for Preservation Technology & Training

by Makenna Murray
November 24, 2015
November 23, 2015 Oakland, CA—CyArk has been selected as one of fifteen recipients of a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) to develop, disseminate, and te ... READ MORE

RCMP Schooner St. Roch to be Digitally Preserved

by Makenna Murray
July 17, 2015
In July, Vancouver Maritime Museum will partner with CyArk and Absolute Space Engineering to digitally record the historic RCMP schooner, the St. Roch. Absolute Space Engineering will utilize the late ... READ MORE

Topcon Tools Help Preserve Japanese Heritage Site In CyArk 500 Challenge

by Makenna Murray
July 15, 2015
Data from Topcon Positioning Group’s participation in the digital preservation of the historic Sogi hydroelectric plant in Japan was unveiled at a special event in Bonn, Germany. The unveiling took pl ... READ MORE

Cologne Cathedral to be digitally preserved

by Makenna Murray
May 7, 2015
World heritage sites are under constant threat from natural and man-made events such as climate change, earthquakes, pollution, fire, vandalism, tourism and urban pressure. Cutting-edge laser scanning ... READ MORE

Sogi hydroelectric plant 3D mapped with lasers as part of international preserva

by Makenna Murray
May 4, 2015
OAKLAND, Calif., May 4, 2015- The Sogi hydroelectric plant, considered a significant contribution to the Meiji Industrial revolution, has been mapped as part of the CyArk 500 Challenge, an internation ... READ MORE

Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium, a National Treasure, Now Digitally Preserved by

by Makenna Murray
April 24, 2015
Oakland /Washington /Honolulu (April 23, 2015) - The Waikiki War Memorial Natatorium — built to honor the 10,000 Hawaii citizens who served in the First World War — has now been digitally scanned by O ... READ MORE

New Technologies Used to Digitally Preserve the Virgin Islands’ Annaberg Sugar P

by Makenna Murray
April 13, 2015
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. April 13, 2015 – Set against the breath-taking backdrop of a rich natural landscape, Virgin Islands National Park possesses a lengthy and complex history of slavery, cro ... READ MORE

Okotoks Erratic among CyArk 500 most significant cultural sites

by Makenna Murray
February 2, 2015
The Okotoks Erratic, considered for centuries sacred by Alberta Aboriginal peoples, has been included in the CyArk 500 Challenge, an international project to digitally preserve and create awareness of ... READ MORE

Japan selected as fifth & final international site for innovative Scottish Ten

by Elizabeth Lee
August 11, 2014
The Scottish-designed-and-built Nagasaki Giant Cantilever Crane in Japan will be the final international site for the ground-breaking Scottish Ten laser scanning and digital documentation project. ... READ MORE

Groups from Around the Country Rally to Preserve New York State Pavilion

by Devon Haynes
June 3, 2014
This week, technologists from the University of Central Florida’s Institute of Simulation & Training, local New York firm Langan Engineering & Environmental Services, and California-based non-profit, ... READ MORE

History in 3D: Local Students to Digitally Preserve Blue Wing Inn

by Devon Haynes
April 22, 2014
The Blue Wing Inn adobe is so wrapped up in Sonoma history, that over the centuries it has attained almost mythical status. Next week, using 3D laser scanners and cutting-edge technologies, students f ... READ MORE

Announcing the CyArk 500 Advisory Council

by Devon Haynes
September 19, 2013
In advance of the CyArk 500 Challenge Launch & Conference, which will take place this October 20-22 at the Tower of London, CyArk has convened a body of heritage experts to serve on the CyArk 500 Advi ... READ MORE

3D Scanning Conducted at John Muir’s Home in Martinez, CA

by Scott Lee
August 20, 2013
John Muir, Scottish-born American naturalist famously known as the Father of the US National Park movement, might have been surprised to see CyArk’s production team descending last week on his Victori ... READ MORE

Ruth Parsons Named Executive Director for CyArk Europe

by CyArk
May 29, 2013
Ruth took up the position of Executive Director, CyArk Europe, on the 1st January this year following a successful 30 year career as a Civil Servant working to both the UK and Scottish Governments. ... READ MORE

ASU's Hispanic Research Center partners with CyArk

by Justin Barton
May 10, 2013
CyArk is pleased to announce our partnership with the Hispanic Research Center at Arizona State University and their ongoing Saint Francis and the Americas project. Earlier this year at the Califo ... READ MORE

Sydney Opera House: Press Release

by Scott Lee
April 18, 2013
Scottish Ten scan UNESCO World Heritage-listed masterpiece, the only modern building included in this historic, global project Sydney Opera House is being surveyed inside and out by a team of lase ... READ MORE

CyArk partners with Science Visualization to create Exhibitions

by Justin Barton
February 4, 2013
February 4, 2013 — Science Visualization, a Maryland-based company that brings science to the public through media and exhibitions, today announced its partnership with CyArk, the world leader in digi ... READ MORE

IBM Supports CyArk's Education Program

by Jaime Pursuit
August 31, 2012
CyArk is thrilled to announce the receipt of a cash grant from IBM. The grant will go towards supporting the integration of CyArk’s educational content into IBM’s Teachers TryScience platform. Thi ... READ MORE

CyArk and NPS Unveil Preview of Manzanar Digital Reconstruction

by Taline Ayanyan
July 9, 2012
CyArk is excited to unveil the in-progress digital reconstruction of Manzanar for public preview and comment. Through a unique partnership with the National Park Service, CyArk is working to create a ... READ MORE

Mount Rushmore Introduces Digital Preservation Project

by Elizabeth Lee
June 15, 2012
KEYSTONE, SD: The National Park Service announces the official launch of the Mount Rushmore Digital Preservation project. At a press event held this week in Rapid City, the National Park Service and ... READ MORE

CyArk and NPS Launch Mount Rushmore Mobile App

by Taline Ayanyan
June 13, 2012
Rapid City, South Dakota: Project partners of the Mount Rushmore digital preservation project announce the launch of the official National Park Service mobile app featuring a virtual tour of the Mount ... READ MORE

CyArk Partners in Google World Wonders Project

by Elizabeth Lee
June 1, 2012
On May 31st at an event held in Madrid, Google announced its new World Wonders Project. Led by Google’s Street View technology, the World Wonders Project allows users to virtually explore and discov ... READ MORE

CyArk to Digitally Preserve Xochicalco

by Elizabeth Lee
May 16, 2012
Instituto Nacional de Anthropologia y Historia (INAH) has developed a groundbreaking partnership with CyArk. The joint program, the Sacred Cities of Ancient Mexico, will digitally preserve 11 of M ... READ MORE

CyArk Winner in EMC's Heritage Trust Project Contest

by Jaime Pursuit
May 16, 2012
CyArk is extremely honored to announce that we've received the second prize in EMC's Heritage Trust Project Contest. We'd like to thank all the CyArk supporters who made this win possible by voting f ... READ MORE

Project Launch: San Antonio Missions

by Scott Lee
February 28, 2012
February 28, 2012: The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park formally announces the launch of the San Antonio Missions Digital Portal, a new way to virtually visit the National Historical Park ... READ MORE

Mount Rushmore Project Launch

by Taline Ayanyan
January 16, 2012
The National Park Service and CyArk are extremely excited to kick off the new year with the launch of the much anticipated Mount Rushmore Website, a new way to virtually visit the National Memorial ne ... READ MORE

Tom Greaves Named Executive Director of CyArk

by CyArk
January 16, 2012
Beginning January 2, 2012 Tom Greaves will serve as Executive Director of CyArk. Tom has long been a supporter of CyArk and its mission to digitally preserve our world's cultural heritage.  He bega ... READ MORE

CyArk and Partners Launch the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Web Portal

by Taline Ayanyan
December 16, 2011
CyArk and partners are extremely excited to announce the launch of the Hopi Petroglyph Sites Digital Preservation Project Website. This special Hopi portal on the CyArk website will allow a new gen ... READ MORE

CyArk Signs MOU with Dunhuang Academy in China

by Elizabeth Lee
December 5, 2011
CyArk is pleased to announce the signing of an MOU with the Dunhuang Academy for the digital preservation of the Mogao Caves. The caves represent one of the most important sites in China and we are t ... READ MORE

World War II Relocation Center Captured by CyArk

by Taline Ayanyan
September 16, 2011
The National Park Service (NPS) has partnered with CyArk through the Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program to digitally preserve the Topaz Relocation Center. The Topaz Relocation Center i ... READ MORE

CyArk to Digitally Preserve Japanese American Confinement Sites

by Elizabeth Lee
July 6, 2011
CyArk receives $240,000 towards the digital preservation of three Japanese American Confinement Sites. CyArk, in partnership with the University of Colorado at Denver, Densho, and the War Relocation ... READ MORE

Ben Kacyra to Speak at TED Global

by Elizabeth Lee
June 2, 2011
On July 15th Ben Kacyra will address the global audience at TED with his Idea Worth Spreading, CyArk. TED is a nonprofit with the mission of spreading ideas. Started as a conference in 1984 to bri ... READ MORE

Historic Preservation students using technology to unlock Colorado's past

by Justin Barton
May 11, 2011
CyArk is pleased to share the following press release with our audience. CyArk has partnered with University of Colorado Denver's Center of Preservation Research (CoPR) since 2009. The partnership beg ... READ MORE

National Park Service Intermountain Region News Release

by Elizabeth Lee
November 29, 2010
November 24, 2010: The National Park Service Intermountain Region formally announces the launch of a new way to virtually visit Fort Laramie National Historic Site in Wyoming. This new web portal i ... READ MORE

CyArk Makes Cover Story of American Surveyor

by Elizabeth Lee
October 7, 2010
CyArk's Mt. Rushmore project has been selected as the cover story for this month's issue of American Surveyor magazine. Vol.7, Issue 7 of the widely distributed industry magazine includes a 9-page co ... READ MORE

National Geographic Magazine Features CyArk and Partners

by Elizabeth Lee
September 24, 2010
The October 2010 issue of National Geographic features a 3-page article about CyArk and our mission. An abbreviated version of the article may be viewed at: ... READ MORE

Mt. Rushmore Scanning Project a Success

by Elizabeth Lee
July 2, 2010
CyArk recently completed the 3D capture of Mt. Rushmore. Part of a 5 year partnership with the National Memorial, the laser scanning portion of the project was completed by an incredible team from ac ... READ MORE

Haiti Relief: Heritage Call to Action

January 13, 2010
In light of the recent tragic events in Haiti, ICOMOS President Gustavo Araoz has circulated the following call to action. In response to this call, CyArk is asking all those interested in joining vo ... READ MORE

AOL News Features CyArk's Planned Digital Preservation of Mt. Rushmore

by Dan Walsh
August 1, 2009
Catherine Cullen of AOL News wrote an article about CyArk's partnership with the National Parks Service and Historic Scotland, and the upcoming digital preservation of Mt. Rushmore. "People may be ... READ MORE

Mount Rushmore to get Laser Treatment

by Dan Walsh
July 29, 2009
Jeff Martin wrote an article in USA Today about the upcoming Digital Preservation of Mount Rushmore. "The stoic faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln will never know what ... READ MORE

Spar Point Research Editorial on Mount Rushmore Partnerships

by Dan Walsh
July 8, 2009
Lieca N. Hohner, Chief Editor at Spar Point Research wrote a glowing editorial about the combined efforts of the National Parks Service, Historic Scotland, and CyArk at Mount Rushmore. "The agreem ... READ MORE

National Parks Traveler Reports on CyArk's Plans to Digitally Map Mount Rushmore

by Dan Walsh
July 5, 2009
Kurt Repanshek, at National Parks Traveler, posted substantial coverage regarding CyArk's recent presence at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. "Digital mapping. This relatively new technology is a ... READ MORE

Rapid City Journal Reports on CyArk's Mount Rushmore Plans

by Dan Walsh
July 3, 2009
Jeremy Fugleberg of Rapid City Journal wrote a solid summary of the events unfolding at Mount Rushmore, and CyArk's partnerships with Historic Scotland and the National Parks Service. "MOUNT RUSHMO ... READ MORE

CyArk Receives International Press in The Scotsman

by Dan Walsh
July 2, 2009
CyArk received international press coverage when Christopher Mackie of The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper, reported about our recent efforts at Mount Rushmore. "The Scottish Ten project, which will ... READ MORE

Launch of Digital Preservation Knowledgebase

by Justin Barton
March 20, 2009
We are proud to announce the launch of our new Knowledgebase on the CyArk website. We are striving to make the new knowledgebase a resource for information on techniques and technologies used to digit ... READ MORE

Launch of UNESCO site Qal'at al-Bahrain and Support of Leica TruView

by Elizabeth Lee
February 27, 2009
We are proud to announce the launch of Qal'at al-Bahrain on CyArk. This site was contributed to our archive by SCDS Group who collected the data in collaboration with the Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry ... READ MORE

Announcing the Digital Nineveh Archives

by Elizabeth Lee
January 7, 2009
CyArk is proud to announce the launch of Nineveh on CyArk, as part of the larger Digital Nineveh Archives. Nineveh (ancient Ninua) (36°22'N 43°09'E) is situated close to the confluence of the Tigris ... READ MORE

New Exhibit at Ars Electronica Takes Visitors On-Site with CyArk

by Elizabeth Lee
January 6, 2009
On January 2nd, 2009 the new Ars Electronica Center opened its doors for the first time. The "Museum of the Future" boasts 3,000 m2 of space for exhibits, including their new Deep Space exhibit. Dee ... READ MORE

Former CEO of Leica Geosystems Backs CyArk Preservation Effort

by Dan Walsh
December 5, 2008
Spar Point Research, a leading market research group for new 3d technologies, posted an article about Hans Hess's financial support of CyArk's preservation efforts. Hans and Sylvia Hess attended our M ... READ MORE

Kress Foundation Supports CyArk Workshop

by Elizabeth Lee
October 27, 2008
This weekend CyArk held its third workshop in a series of workshops to strategize and organize the launch of an upcoming initiative. We are very pleased to announce that the Samuel H. Kress Foundat ... READ MORE

CyArk at Google Zeitgeist 2008

by Dan Walsh
October 6, 2008
Ben Kacyra recently presented at the 2008 Google Zeitgeist conference, an annual gathering of doers and thinkers from all over the world. His talk was included in the Serious Sustainability portion of ... READ MORE

Professional Surveyor: Ancient History Meets New Technology

by Elizabeth Lee
March 1, 2008
It's 12:30 a.m., and I'm watching a tiny green laser trace the outline of an 800-year-old Mayan pyramid—up and down, up and down. We have already been on site scanning for a couple of hours and have a ... READ MORE

Modeling Mesa Verde National Park With Lasers

by Kurt Repanshek
February 6, 2008
Time is constantly a threat to Mesa Verde National Park. As it passes, and brings with it erosion, rock falls and possibly earthquakes, the park's ruins are at risk of collapse. But a new laser techno ... READ MORE

Tudor Place: Democracy Starts at Home

by Zach Mortice
December 11, 2007
IMG1LAs a town so solidly rooted in 19th-century architecture, Washington, D.C., has no lack of Neoclassical flourishes—wide domes, stately columns, magnificent distances, and egalitarian symmetry. Bu ... READ MORE

Preservation by Documentation: The CyArk Commitment

by Justin Barton
October 15, 2007
4,000 years of history lie beneath the Karakum desert in the form of the remains of an ancient city, Merv. Strategically located at an oasis along the now extinct land-based trade routes of Central As ... READ MORE

San Francisco Chronicle: Laser Mapping Tool Traces Ancient Sites

by Tom Abate
July 22, 2007
Orinda retiree Ben Kacyra has made the biggest contribution to archeological research since Indiana Jones added the bullwhip to his field kit. Kacyra, who made his fortune as an inventor and civil ... READ MORE

CyArk Article in the San Francisco Chronicle

by Elizabeth Lee
June 23, 2007
Last week the CyArk offices received a visit from San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Tom Abate. Mr. Abate is a Science and Technology writer for the Chronicle and was particularly interested in the ... READ MORE

Laser Technologies Document Historic Muslim Site in Cairo

by AScribe Newswire
April 25, 2007
The CyArk 3D Heritage Archive has archived 3D digital documentation of the Bab al-Barqiyya gate of the Ayyubid Wall, part of an extensive historic preservation and development project in Cairo of the ... READ MORE

Historic Preservation through Hi-Def Documentation

by John Ristevski, Anthony Fassero, John Loomis
February 7, 2007
The world is losing its important cultural-heritage sites faster than they can be preserved. Unlike artifacts, safely housed in museums or private collections, heritage sites are exposed to the ravage ... READ MORE

New Technologies Applied to Ancient Sites at Mesa Verde

by John Loomis
February 1, 2007
Orinda, Calif. - The Kacyra Family Foundation has received a grant from the U.S. National Park Service's National Center for Preservation Technology and Training for the purpose of advancing archaeolo ... READ MORE

ArchNet Announces CyArk Archive Launch

October 2, 2006
Global cultural heritage is being lost faster than it can be documented; and a new cultural heritage archive, CyArk, is working to slow this loss. Utilizing proprietary technology for 3D laser scan ... READ MORE

CyArk 3D Heritage Archive is Up!!

October 2, 2006
"John Loomis of CyArk, a nonprofit organization dedicated toward "Preserving World Heritage Sites through collecting, archiving and providing open access to data created by laser scanning, digital mod ... READ MORE

RICS Scans for Plans

September 25, 2006
"CyArk, the non-profit organisation which preserves endangered World Heritage sites, has put together a team of survey engineers and archaeologists to demonstrate high definition laser scanning to sur ... READ MORE

Open-access digital archive of international archaeological sites set to launch

by Joann Gonchar
September 14, 2006
Conservators, architects, academics, and armchair archaeologists will soon be able to access detailed digital documentation of some of the world’s most famous cultural sites via the Web. At press t ... READ MORE

Professional Surveyor Recognizes CyArk Co-Founder

by Tom Gibson
September 13, 2006
Professional Surveyor Magazine has honored CyArk co-founder Ben Kacyra as one of the 25 most influential individuals in the surveying community. "As a civil engineer who taught surveying at the col ... READ MORE

Laser Scanning for Cultural Heritage Applications

by John Ristevski
March 1, 2006
Cultural Heritage can be defined as monuments, buildings, or landscapes of "outstanding universal value from the point of view of history, art or science." These sites are often under threat from envi ... READ MORE

Shooting the Mayan Pyramids of Tikal

by Michelle Bienias
February 12, 2006
In the forests of Guatemala’s El Petén region lie the ruined cities of one of the world’s great ancient cultures, the Maya. Tikal was the largest and one of the most important urban centers of Mayan c ... READ MORE

CyArk International Conference

June 25, 2004
KFF sponsored the 1st CyArk International Conference on 3D Laser Scanning Applications for Heritage which took place in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. ... READ MORE

Laser To Take Stock of Heritage Sites

by Ricardo Sanchez Jr.
March 7, 2004
Imagine a device with spiderlike tripod legs, connected to a large cube that shoots a green laser beam. The beam scans the Orinda Theatre, then boomerangs back to a wired laptop computer. No, it's ... READ MORE