Myanmar’s Heritage Needs Your Help!

CyArk urgently seeks funds to deploy emergency documentation teams to Myanmar at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture.

CNN covers a day in the life of the CyArk field team

A Team from CNN’s Great Big Story joined CyArk onsite in Mexico City in March, 2016. Check out the video to explore a day in the life of a digital preservationist.

Young Syrian Professionals train to preserve heritage sites in Middle East

Syrian Heritage Professionals attend a one week training course on Digital Preservation techniques conducted by Field Manager, Ross Davison, of CyArk in partnership with ICOMOS and UNESCO.

Come explore the Ancient Buddhist Temples of Taiwan in 3D

Take a virtual trip to one of Taiwan’s largest and best-preserved Buddhist Temples, Lukang Longshan.

CyArk and ICOMOS in the Middle East. Time running out to save sites

CyArk’s Middle East Initiative, Project Anqa, has made significant progress in the digital preservation of very vulnerable sites. Time is critical and we need help to complete this work

CyArk: Digitally Preserving Heritage At-Risk

CyArk brings global heritage to life and gets you closer than ever to the sites you’ve always wanted to see. See how we do it!

Myanmar: 1000 year old Bagan Temples

A team of volunteers, including CyArk Board member, John Ristevski, spent a week collecting and archiving precious data from these ancient sites. Learn more about these incredible and wondrous sites from CyArk’s Director of Programs Scott Lee

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