Accuracy Comparison of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems

Comparative Investigations into the Accuracy Behaviour of the New Generation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Systems

by Justin Barton
March 18, 2009
HafenCity University Hamburg's Department of Geomatics investigated the quality of measurements obtained with multiple laser scanners. For the time-of-flight scanner test, they employed the:

Trimble GX
Leica ScanStation

For the the phase scanner test they employed the:
Faro LS880 HE

The study tested the scanners distance accuracies, accuracy of inclination, the laser's angle of incidence's effect on 3D accuracy, an investigation of scanner noise, and an investigation of an object's color's affect on distance.

This paper is helpful because they discuss the lack of standardization in testing and suggest some implemented standards to be derived for future equipment testing. Standardized testing is always key in order to ensure cross-comparison abilities between different tests--this is an important issue to raise in addition to their provision of useful technical specifications and accuracy information for scanners on currently on the market.