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CyArk is pleased to announce the Heritage Documentation Training Grant. A unique opportunity for 10 dedicated individuals to gain comprehensive photogrammetry training and software completely free of charge. Elevate your skills in documenting cultural heritage with cutting-edge digital tools over an intensive 3-week virtual training.

Why apply?
Receive complimentary licenses for top-tier photogrammetry software
Live Sessions
Dive deep with 20 hours of live sessions with CyArk Benefit from dedicated support.
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Access CyArk's extensive training resources and materials
Mission Our Values
Earn a Certificate in photogrammetry
Don't miss this chance to be part of our premiere training cohort.
Read below to learn more about the program and how to apply!
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A new grant giving program to empower individuals with new skills to preserve and promote cultural heritage.
This grant is designed to build capacity and adoption of digital documentation techniques within the cultural heritage community.

Our goal is to disseminate best practices and reliable methodologies for capturing and processing 3D heritage data, empowering field practitioners to obtain precise datasets for diverse applications.

Awardees are encouraged to carry these acquired skills into their local communities and professional networks, using them to address tangible conservation and restoration challenges or raise awareness of their local heritage.
How does it work?
  • Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for a competitive spot in the training cohort

  • Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on the below criteria

  • 10 applicants will be selected as grantees, joining the training cohort and receiving free training, support and access to software

  • The cohort will participate in 3 weeks of virtual training sessions led by personnel from CyArk's field capture and processing teams

  • Grantees will apply their learning in a case study project with the resulting data distributed via Open Heritage
  • This program is made possible thanks to the generous support from
    Key Dates
    Application Deadline: October 22, 2023 at 11:59 pm PDT
    Recipient Notification: November 10, 2023
    Training Cohort Begins: December 2023

    Be sure to read more about the training curriculum and check out the eligibility requirements before applying.

    Selection Criteria
    The selection process for this program is based on specific criteria, each carrying a different weight in the evaluation:

    Demonstrated Passion for Heritage (20%): Candidates who showcase a genuine and profound passion for the preservation of cultural heritage and history will receive strong consideration. This enthusiasm should reflect a deep appreciation for the importance of heritage.

    Foundational Photography or 3D Modeling Knowledge (10%): While not mandatory, candidates with a basic understanding of photography concepts or prior experience in 3D modeling will have an advantage, as it can facilitate the learning process.

    Potential Application (40%): Preference will be given to applicants who can clearly demonstrate how the skills acquired during the program will be applied in practical ways within their communities or relevant contexts. Particularly, emphasis will be placed on areas where these skills are in high demand.

    Need (30%): A significant portion of the evaluation will consider the candidate's need for this training and exposure, especially if they are unable to access similar opportunities through other means.

    These criteria, with their respective weightings, help ensure a comprehensive and fair assessment of all applicants, ultimately selecting individuals who are not only passionate about heritage but also well-positioned to make a meaningful impact with the skills they acquire.
    Documentation and Training Detail Image
    What is the Heritage Documentation Training Grant?

    The Heritage Documentation Training Grant is a program designed to build capacity and adoption of digital documentation techniques within the cultural heritage community. It offers free digital documentation training and software to selected grantees.

    Who is eligible to apply for the grant?

    This opportunity is open to individuals worldwide aiming to either refine their existing digital skills or acquire new skills in digital heritage documentation.

    How do I apply for the grant?

    To apply, complete the online application form provided on the program's website. The form will require information about your background, skills, motivation, and availability.

    Are there any prerequisites for applying?

    There are a few practical prerequisites due to the nature and limitations of the program. Grantees must be proficient in English, able to attend sessions on a stable internet connection and have access to a camera and computer to complete exercises. A detailed description of the prerequisites is linked above. We encourage individuals of all skill levels to apply.

    What is the program's duration?

    The intensive training portion of the program is three weeks, with additional support and software licenses available for a total of six months. 

    Is there a cost associated with the grant?

    No, the Heritage Documentation Training Grant is fully funded. There are no costs or fees for selected participants.

    How are participants selected for the grant?

    Participants are selected based on their application and the listed selection criteria. This includes background, skills, motivation, and commitment to the program's goals. We aim to create a diverse cohort of students.

    What are the technical requirements for participation?

    Participants should have a stable internet connection for virtual sessions. A computer equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card is recommended for certain tasks in 3D model meshing, though it's not mandatory.

    How will the training be conducted?

    The training consists of video call workshops led by CyArk's experts. These workshops cover various aspects of heritage documentation, 3D modeling, and technology applications.

    Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

    Yes, participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate in photogrammetry.

    How will data generated during the program be used?

    Data generated by participants will be processed and published on the Open Heritage platform, contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage for wider access and utilization.