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Engaging New Audiences with Place-Based Storytelling
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CyArk's Heritage Amplified Grant will provide recipients with an opportunity to amplify place-based stories of cultural heritage through the development of a web-based 3D virtual experience.

Grantees will receive CyArk services to design and build the experience with the final output hosted on CyArk's Tapestry platform which can be freely shared and embedded. The grant will support the facilitation and execution of all aspects of a CyArk project including participation in our place-based story development process and CyArk's high-resolution digital documentation of the selected site.

Grant recipients will also receive a small cash grant to support their team during the project activities.

Applications for the grant close at midnight PDT on May 6th 2024. For more information watch the recorded webinar

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About CyArk and Tapestry
CyArk is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to unlocking the power of 3D technology to make the world's cultural heritage accessible to new audiences and future generations.

We work with site authorities and key stakeholders on projects to bring the stories of these places to life on Tapestry, our web-based interactive storytelling platform that utilizes photo-realistic 3D models as a canvas for constructing stories.

A Tapestry incorporates various narrative elements including scripted narration, archival materials (imagery, audio, and videos) as well as authentic voices that act as guides throughout the experience. These voices are collected through a series of interviews with community members, site stewards, academics, and experts.

The story and narrative elements are orchestrated and designed with our partners as part of CyArk's story production process to create a meaningful journey for the virtual visitor.

You can learn more about Tapestry and explore our library of existing experiences here.
Why apply?
Connect with New Audiences
Connect with New Audiences
Through a virtual experience, you can introduce the stories of your place to a new and broader audience. The Tapestry experience facilitated by this grant offers a web-based platform that is accessible on multiple devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile.
Accurate Documentation
Accurate Documentation
As part of the project, we will conduct thorough 3D documentation of your site utilizing LiDAR and photogrammetry. You will receive an accurate model that can be utilized for various purposes, including visualization, conservation, and restoration efforts.
Expert Consultation
Interpretation & Place-Based Storytelling
CyArk brings 20+ years of experience in site documentation and storytelling. Our team will guide you through the story production process, working closely with all stakeholders to identify the key messages and voices you want to share.
Areas of Interest Image
Areas of Interest
CyArk encourages projects with a thematic focus in the following areas
Climate Change
Stories of climate change - including mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, as told through the lens of cultural heritage and connected communities.
Underrepresented Stories
Stories that have not been a part of the dominant narrative of a place, particularly the experiences of historically marginalized groups and communities.
All applications will be given equal consideration based on the program's review criteria.
How does it work?
Applicants interested in submitting their proposals should review the selection criteria and FAQ thoroughly.
  • The application requires grantees to organize a project team of 2-5 people as well as authorization and support from relevant site authorities and stakeholders in the form of letters of support.
  • Once the application period has closed, we will review the applications based on the stated criteria and select one project team as the grantee.
  • Once selected CyArk and the grantee will finalize permission, agreements, and an agreed-upon schedule for the project.
  • CyArk will then begin the story production process with the grantee project team. This will include identifying key messages and themes that will shape the Tapestry experience. These virtual discussions result in creating a storyboard and scope for conducting interviews and site documentation.
  • Working with the grantee project team to finalize logistics and access, the CyArk team will travel to the site to capture and record 3D data and interviews. The 3D data will be processed to create a photo-realistic model, which will serve as the foundation for the Tapestry tour.
  • The grantee project team and CyArk will continue collaborating remotely to build and refine the experience on the Tapestry platform.
  • The final experience will be published on Tapestry and embedded on select grantee websites and will become accessible to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, reaching a global audience.
  • Final experiences will be published in English and the local language of the selected site.
  • Who can apply?
    The grant is designed to support the construction of a Tapestry experience for a specific site to assist in reaching new audiences.

    Successful applications will be able to demonstrate a strong relationship and support from the managing authority or owner of the site. We acknowledge the diverse range of stakeholders associated with heritage sites and extend the invitation to various entities.

    Applications can be submitted by community groups, government agencies, indigenous communities, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and more. Groups of individuals with no affiliation but a strong connection to the site may also apply.

    Project teams may include a variety of participants, and the primary applicant does not need to hold a formal position at the site.

    All sessions will be held in English. The project team must possess a proficient level of English, sufficient to engage in and comprehend materials, participate actively in discussions, and effectively communicate with CyArk staff and peers throughout the duration of the project.
    What you need to apply
  • An identified place with an important story to share.
  • A project team of 2-5 people who can participate in CyArk’s story development process, facilitate access to the site, identify and connect with community members and stakeholders, and serve as the primary point of contact with CyArk.
  • 3-5 representative images of the site.
  • A letter of support or formal permission document from the managing authority ensuring support for the project if the grant is awarded.
  • Selection Criteria
    The selection process for this program is based on the following criteria:

    Impactful Story (25%): This section evaluates the narrative's depth, uniqueness, and potential impact. Proposals should highlight how the story reveals new insights, aligns with areas of interest, and possesses the potential to deeply engage and resonate with audiences.

    Need for Funding (25%): Proposals must clearly articulate the need for the project on two fronts: the absence of alternative storytelling resources that could illuminate the site's history and narratives, and the financial necessity of the grant to realize the project.

    Project Team and Partnerships (30%): This assesses the internal project team's expertise and the strength of external collaborations with site management and local communities. Proposals should demonstrate the team's capability and readiness, along with secured permissions and robust partnerships, to ensure impactful community involvement and sustainable outcomes.

    Distribution Strategy (20%): Proposals should outline a comprehensive plan for sharing the Tapestry experience with a broader audience. This includes specifying the platforms and methods intended for distribution to ensure the experience is accessible to as many people as possible.
    Key Dates
    Webinar for Applicants: March 20th, 2024 at 8 am PST
    Application Deadline: May 6th, 2024 at midnight PDT
    Recipient Notification: June-July, 2024
    Project Activities: Fall-Winter 2024