Ben Kacyra Receives Standing Ovation at TEDGlobal

CyArk Founder Ben Kacyra Speaks to International Audience in Edinburgh

by Elizabeth Lee
July 26, 2011
Ben Kacyra spoke to a crowd of over 600 people at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh earlier this month. Speaking on the final day of the conference, Ben Kacyra spoke about CyArk and the need to preserve our collective human memory. The audience responded to his talk with a standing ovation.

During his speech, CyArk partners Historic Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art preformed a live scan of the audience. When the results were shown on the screen Ben told the audience, "You have been digitally preserved."

The 12 minute talk discussed the threats facing our cultural heritage sites, as well as the technologies now available to preserve them. During the talk Ben argued "Our heritage is much more than our collective memory. It's our collective treasure. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and generations we will never meet to save our heritage, and pass it along."

The talk has not yet been publicly released but a link will be posted when it becomes available.

For more information about Ben Kacyra and his history, please see this article.


You may now view the full talk here
David Mitchell of Historic Scotland, Ben Kacyra of CyArk, Elizabeth Lee of CyArk, and Doug Pritchard of the Glasgow School of Art on the TED Stage