CyArk and Iron Mountain host a Virtual Reality Pop Up Experience in Boston

by Cynthia Audet
April 27, 2017

Have you ever wanted to climb to the top of Mount Rushmore and experience the site from the perspective of one of the carvers, under Roosevelt's mustache, on top of Washington's shoulder or perched on Lincoln's lapel? Or have you ever wanted to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Balcony House, a 700 year old cliff-dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park? Now you can! CyArk, with sustaining partner Iron Mountain, will be hosting a Virtual Reality Pop Up in Boston this coming Thursday May 4th. Come join us and get transported to the Black Hills of South Dakota or the Four Corners of the American Southwest where you can discover the unique features of Mount Rushmore or Balcony House up close.

CyArk and Iron Mountain, through their Living Legacy Initiative, share a passion for preserving and protecting what matters most. Together they’ve partnered to help preserve the world’s cultural heritage sites. Founded in 2003, CyArk uses the latest reality capture technologies to accurately capture, archive and share the world’s cultural heritage. Over the last ten years, CyArk has amassed an archive, safely stored with Iron Mountain, of 3D LiDAR and photographic data of over 200 cultural sites in over 40 countries. The information CyArk captures is rich in its representation of the sites, being able to replicate the sites at full scale, with color and texture. With the advent of increased processing power and new virtual reality headsets, it is possible, for the first time, to place someone in the context of a heritage site with the data captured by the CyArk field team and through Iron Mountain’s support.

Be one of the first to learn the exact location of CyArk’s and Iron Mountain’s virtual reality pop up this coming Thursday by following us on Facebook or Twitter @CyArk. CyArk would like to thank the National Park Service for providing unique access and for the support of Iron Mountain.

CyArk capturing Mount Rushmore
Exploring Heritage through VR
Visiting Mount Rushmore through VR