Build a Sugar Cube Pyramid with CyArk

by Nicole Medina
July 15, 2008
Learn more about Mayan engineering feats and build your own pyramid with CyArk at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, CA on Wednesday, July 30.

As part of the Lawrence Hall of Science's Summer Fun Days, kids of all ages are invited to learn more about ancient engineers from across the globe. Come to the CyArk station and play with 3-D computer models of Mayan pyramids created from laser scanners. Then build your own scale model out of sugar cubes. Who said science can't be sweet?

CyArk at the Lawrence Hall of Science: Ancient Engineers Summer Fun Days
Wednesday, July 30
12:00 noon-2:00 p.m.
Free with museum admission
Lawrence Hall of Science, located at 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley CA 94706 USA. View Map
More information from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Can't make it? Check out 3D models of Tikal's pyramids online for free at CyArk!
Build and destroy a sugar cube pyramid at the Lawrence Hall of Science with the CyArk team.
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