Caltrans Standards and Specifications

Creating Standards and Specifications for the Use of Laser Scanning in CalTrans Projects

by Justin Barton
March 18, 2009
Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) partners with the University of California at Davis' AHMCT department for various projects. Together, they conducted an equipment test of multiple time-of-flight scanners with their own vendor-neutral, independently developed testing methods. This study was conducted to test the relevancy and accuracy of laser scanning in Caltrans projects, with its outcome being a hopeful large-scale deployment of the technology throughout the department. The complete test, its methodology and all the results can be read in this extensive (115 page) report which covers an explanation of the tests, testing nomenclature, and how the specific tests are useful in judging accuracy; the general workflow for data collection for each scanner; the analysis and comparison of results; a review of the different scanning control and processing software; recommendations for Quality Assurance/Quality Control; and vendor-supplied reviews of the report as appendices.

This report is useful in explaining how and why to test the accuracy of various laser scanners, helping readers determine how to best assess scanners for their own needs--which may vary from Caltrans strict survey requirements.