Collection and Archiving of Point Cloud Data for English Heritage

An Addendum to the Metric Survey Specifications for English Heritage - The Collection and Archiving of Point Cloud Data Obtained by Terrestrial Laser Scanning or Other Methods

by Justin Barton
March 18, 2009
In conjunction with the Heritage 3D "Advice and guidance to users on laser scanning in archaeology and architecture" beginner's guide, this more-detailed publication outlines specific standards for clients and contractors using 3D terrestrial laser scanning as a data capture tool with English Heritage projects.

This document is not intended as a beginners guide and is far more technical than the "Advice and Guidance" publication and therefore should not be consulted by beginners as it assumes previous experience and knowledge of laser scanning techniques. In essence, this guide provides the standards and specifics that are noted as lacking in the other publication and possibly sought for by more advanced users.