CyArk Attends APT International Conference

CyArk co-presents with key partners, NPS and CoPR, on work at Fort Laramie National Historic Site

by Justin Barton
October 14, 2010
From October 6-9, 2010, the Association for Preservation Technology held their international conference in Denver, CO, USA. CyArk was there to present in the "Documentation" session. It was a joint presentation between me, Tom Keohan of the National Park Service (NPS), and Mike Nulty of the Center of Preservation Research (CoPR). Together we introduced the attendees to our joint project to Digitally Preserve the Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

Tom Keohan, Historical Architect for the Intermountain Region Heritage Partnerships Program, gave an overview of the use of LiDAR technology in documenting both heritage sites and commercial projects. Mike and I continued the presentation with an introduction to our respective organizations and the history of the partnership between the three groups (CyArk, CoPR, and NPS). The partnership was formalized through our joint efforts to Digitally Preserve Fort Laramie through an extensive documentation, cataloging, and dissemination of project information. We then went on to highlight some of the continued and growing aspects of our partnership with CoPR (from training in Digital Preservation methods, to field support on projects). If you'd like to see the presentation, it is linked below as a downloadable PDF.

On Friday evening, CoPR and the College of Architecture and Planning put on a fantastic Open House at the University. The well-attended event showcased the College's many works and CoPR had several point clouds on display on both the projector and some beautifully mounted large-format color prints.

The rest of the conference was also a great success. APTI did a great job pulling together several fascinating lectures and sessions on some of the newest hot-topics in preservation. It was a great opportunity to further discuss CyArk with other interested conference attendees. I look forward to continued discussions with new contacts from the event.

For anyone who attended the event but did not have the opportunity to connect with our group directly, please don't hesitate to contact me: justin.barton(at)
The Association for Preservation Technology held its 2010 international conference in Denver, CO, USA.
Some of the display materials at the Open House event. Images on the left are from some of Mike Nulty's graduate work projects, and images in the center and right are large, mounted prints of 3D laser scan data from Fort Laramie.
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