CyArk attends Hexagon 2011

A strong presence and a new network with the wider Hexagon industries

by Justin Barton
June 13, 2011
The annual Leica Geosystems HDS Worldwide User Conference has officially been merged with the annual Hexagon conference. This merge joins Leica with its new family affiliates under the Hexagon umbrella, including ERDAS and Integraph. This year's conference ran from June 6-9th in Orlando, Florida.

The new family-wide conference was a fantastic chance for all attendees, including CyArk, to meet with experts in the expanded field of data collection and management. Additionally, CyArk maintained a strong presence as our partners and HDS colleagues have come to expect. We had a prime-location booth in the Tech Expo hall, right next to the entryway and the booth for our always-supportive partners, Leica HDS.

CyArk was able to present an 'Update' presentation to a large audience during the Wednesday HDS session. We updated attendees on our latest efforts: our continued advancement in data collection and deliverables production, the progress of the CyArk 500 Challenge, new national and international partnerships (eg, CyArk Africa), the continued growth of previous partnerships (eg, Scotland's CDDV and UC Denver's CoPR), the launching of our Spanish website to increase access to the archive, and updates on some of our latest projects such as Marble House (Rhode Island, USA), Hopi Petroglyph Sites (Arizona, USA), Chankillo (Peru), and Taos Pueblo (New Mexico, USA).

Thursday continued with a separate Heritage Track for the conference where some of our partners presented their latest heritage projects; this included the scanning of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey by Christofori und Partner and the scanning of the Church of the Nativity by SCDS. CyArk aslo managed to make new connections with groups scanning heritage in the US and abroad to help continue the expansion of our Partner Network as well as build the archive with partners willing to donate projects to the CyArk 500.

In all, this was a fantastic experience to reconnect with old partners, forge new partnerships, and expand our own knowledge of the wider data capture and management industries which Hexagon operates in.

We'll be looking forward to another great Hexagon conference in Las Vegas, NV in 2012!
Hexagon 2011, Orlando, Florida
Justin Barton of CyArk presents a 'CyArk Update' on CyArk's latest progress in partnerships, projects, and our CyArk 500 Challenge