CyArk Digital Preservation Station at Mount Rushmore

Stop by to get hands-on experience in 3D documentation of artifacts!

by Justin Barton
June 25, 2012
The CyArk Digital Preservation Station will be open throughout the July 3rd Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Members of the public are encouraged to visit the station throughout the day to gain experience with 3D capture, digital modeling, and 3D printing while helping CyArk digitally preserve Mount Rushmore’s history for the virtual enjoyment of the world. Visitors will be allowed to enter the Station and participate in the 3D documentation with their personal cameras and using Autodesk's 123D Catch software. Space is limited! Participants will be chosen based on a first-come, first-serve basis and available space. CyArk will also be holding an online raffle of 3D replica prints of artifacts, created from the 3D data capture: see the CyArk website for more info (link below). Winners will be chosen at random from entry form available at the Station.

Visitors who wish to participate should bring their personal camera, their curiosity, and questions! (But especially the camera!)

Check back here for more info on the 3D print winners and project updates!

Informational Links:
NPS' Mount Rushmore 3D Digital Scanning Portal:
Official Mount Rushmore mobile app:
Get Autodesk's 123D Catch:
3D model of pulley used in the construction of Mount Rushmore
3D Print of pulley model