CyArk Preserves Cultural Heritage in VR with NVIDIA GPUs

by Cynthia Audet
April 27, 2017

April 27, 2017--At CyArk, we believe the world’s cultural heritage sites are precious links to our past that ignite wonder, curiosity, and also foster a shared understanding of the human story. By combining LiDAR with photogrammetry, CyArk is able to create photorealistic and spatially accurate 3D environments of cultural heritage sites that can be explored, up close, and used for discovery, education, and conservation.   

Using NVIDIA TITAN X GPUs, we have radically reduced the lengthy processing time in capturing and recreating these cultural heritage sites in VR, allowing us to bring these sites to the community faster and with high fidelity.

This May 8th to 11th, NVIDIA will host its annual GPU Technology Conference, the largest conference for GPU developers. GTC is known for showcasing today’s most important technologies and how they’re being used to innovate and transform countless industries. CyArk is honored to present at this year’s conference. Along with Brian Foss of Winter Bear Studio, Anthony Fassero, CyArk’s VP of Capture and Production, will showcase for the first time the virtual reality environment created of a 12th century cliff dwelling at Mesa Verde National Park and discuss the methodology developed to create the accurate 3D worlds of heritage sites.

Join us at GTC to learn more about our work and how GPUs are making it possible.