CyArk Signs MOU with Dunhuang Academy in China

CyArk finalizes Agreement for First Site in China

by Elizabeth Lee
December 5, 2011
CyArk is pleased to announce the signing of an MOU with the Dunhuang Academy for the digital preservation of the Mogao Caves. The caves represent one of the most important sites in China and we are thrilled to welcome the new partnership with Director Fan and the entire Dunhuang Academy.

Earlier this year Director Fan and additional representatives from the Dunhuang Academy visited the CyArk offices for the first time. This meeting was the beginning of discussions for partnering on data management and archiving for the Mogao Caves. The Mogao caves are a system of almost 500 temples in the oasis of Dunhuang. The caves represent some of the finest examples of Buddhist art, spanning 1,000 years. Through a partnership with CyArk partner, Dynasty Group, the Dunhuang Academy has already undertaken laser scanning of several of the caves. Last month, CyArk and the Academy finalized an MOU to partner on digital preservation work for the Mogao Caves.

CyArk will be working with the Dunhuang Academy to manage the new digital data as well as develop additional new tools for promoting and understanding the site.

We look forward to this new partnership as well as our first Chinese project in the CyArk archive.
Director Fan and Ben Kacyra sign the MOU
Director Fan and Ben Kacyra add the first Chinese site to the CyArk map