CyArk Surpasses One Million Visits to in 2011

CyArk reaches a milestone with help from over 200 countries

by Charisse Sare
October 7, 2011
We are proud to announce that CyArk has surpassed a million visits on our website for the year. At the close of September we had already reached 1.06 million visits. This same time last year we were at about 600,000 views. That’s a 70% increase in visits!

People from Liechtenstein to Swaziland, Kiribati to Iceland and everywhere in between have visited CyArk. The majority of visitors are coming from English speaking countries, but we were delighted to see 15% of our visitors coming from Asia and visitors from Peru making up 1% of total visits. As CyArk continues to go multi-lingual, we hope to see a substantial increase in our international visitors.

Map of visitors from around the world, intensity represents the number of visits

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support. We appreciate the effort in visiting the website and taking time to read and look at the content. It makes all the work worth while.

Thank you again to our visitors and friends from over 200 countries for visiting the website. We have more projects and surprises coming your way soon!