CyArk to Speak at Remote Access to World Heritage Sites Conference

Ben Kacyra to keynote international UNESCO Conference

by Elizabeth Lee
November 22, 2011
This week in Edinburgh, CyArk's Ben Kacyra and Elizabeth Lee will be speaking on the topic of Remote Access to World Heritage Sites. The two day conference features delegates from around the world and will cover a range of topics related to the subject of remote access.

The registrations for the event are now closed, but due to demand the conference organizers are providing remote access to the event. To take part in the conference remotely, please read and follow the simple instructions below. We look forward to your comments and questions on the day, and we will respond live from the conference in Edinburgh.

I know where I'm Going
A Conference on Remote access to World Heritage Sites - from St Kilda to Uluru School of Informatics, Informatics Forum (Edinburgh, UK) 23rd & 24th November 2011

Live video stream address
The live stream of the event can be found here:

Live video stream chat
Use the chat area below the video window to interact with other viewers. You can interact with other people watching the live video stream and questions can be posed for Q&A.

Twitter hashtag
If you use twitter please tag with #ikwig, searching this term allows you to see other twitter users who are talking about the event.
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