CyArk Welcomes Pointools as New Partner

Pointools software to form backbone of multimedia production moving forward

by Justin Barton
November 1, 2009
CyArk is very pleased to announce the development of a new partnership with Pointools. The UK-based company creates high-end point cloud editing and rendering software. We are excited to be working closely with the Pointools team in our continued efforts to improve the quality of our data as well as expand our ever-growing international Partner Network.

Pointools formed the foundation for the creation of deliverables for our latest, yet-to-be released project, St Trophime, a Catholic church in Arles, France. The data for the St. Trophime project was collected in partnership with the World Monuments Fund as part of their on going conservation work at the site.

As a special preview for St Trophime, and to show the power of Pointools, we have included a few images of the photo-textured scan data in this blog (below and to the right).

West wing
The above image is a close-up sample section of the textured scan data from the cloister's West wing.

North wing
The above image is a sample section of the textured scan data from the cloister's North wing.

Pointools' rendering abilities make it our new choice program for creating multimedia heritage deliverables like plotted-cloud CAD drawings and fly-by animations.

Pointools has been extremely generous to the CyArk cause, donating their full suite of software to futher our digital preservation efforts. We are grateful for their commitment to our work and we look forward to our continued partnership.

Scan data of one of the Gothic cloister wings at the church of Saint-Trophime.
Scan data of the church portal at Saint-Trophime.
Up-close image of the scan data, showing Jesus Christ, as sat above the church portal at Saint-Trophime.
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