Historic Cities Program Announced to Map Cities in 3D

by Katia Chaterji
October 31, 2014
CyArk has teamed with HERE, a global leader in mapping and navigation, and a subsidiary of Nokia Corp., to create a "Historic Cities Program," launched at the CyArk Annual Summit in Washington, DC in October. Through this program, complete virtual 3D replicas of selected historic cities will provide unique street-view and aerial perspectives of the cities, beginning with the historic districts of New Orleans and Philadelphia. These replicas will not only allow future generations to see what it’s like to walk the streets of these historic cities in realistic, 3D detail, but will also aid in the preservation of these districts by providing architects with a model for use in restoration projects.

HERE is a global leader in the mapping and location intelligence business, and is the only company to use advanced laser technology rather than standard cameras and camera photography to create the most accurate maps available today. Every week, HERE-branded vehicles around the world capture 100 terabytes of data, 108 billion 3D data points, 9.5 million images, and 50,000 kilometers of roads down to centimeter level precision. Earlier this year, HERE dispatched its fleet to New Orleans and Philadelphia. The result is engineering-grade data that CyArk used to create a realistic, 3D replica of the two cities, which anyone can explore via the new CyArk website. Both Historic New Orleans and Historic Philadelphia will contribute to the CyArk 500 Challenge.

HERE’s Director of Reality Capture Solutions, Anthony Fassero, presented the new “Historic Cities Program” in his keynote presentation at CyArk’s Annual Summit in Washington, DC. Stay tuned for a video of his presentation, coming soon to CyArk’s website.
With HERE's mobile laser scanning technology, the historic districts of New Orleans and Philadelphia were captured as part of the "Historic Cities Program."
Anthony Fassero, HERE's Director of Reality Capture Solutions, presented the "Historic Cities Program" as keynote speech at CyArk's Annual Summit.
HERE's mobile technology allows for realistic visualizations of entire cities to aid in conservation and preservation efforts.