Investigating Laser Scanner Accuracy

The University of Applied Science in Mainz, Germany tests the accuracy of multiple laser scanning systems

by Justin Barton
March 18, 2009
This paper investigates the accuracy of multiple laser scanning systems and was conducted in 2003 by i3mainz (the Institute for Spatial Information and Surveying Technology at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, Germany). The test was an independent study designed to investigate the ability of different scanners' accuracies in acquiring data from small, detailed objects as well as testing the different scanners abilities of acquiring object edges--providing clean, clear edges of objects is a well-known problem spot for many scanners.

The tested scanners include:
Leica HDS2500, HDS3000
Mensi S25, GS100, GS200
Riegl LMS-Z210, LMS-Z420i, LPM-25HA
Zoller+Froehlich Imager 5003

Altough the test is a few years old, these devices are still in use, especially in the cultural heritage market where budgets are smaller and cannot accommodate regular upgrades. Also, i3mainz offers any scanner to be tested by their labs.