Launch of Digital Preservation Knowledgebase

A Collection of Articles and Documents About Digital Documentation

by Justin Barton
March 20, 2009
We are proud to announce the launch of our new Knowledgebase on the CyArk website. We are striving to make the new knowledgebase a resource for information on techniques and technologies used to digitally preserve the world's cultural heritage. The subject areas include the use of laser scanning, photography (including high-dynamic range, panoramic, and photogrammetric), GPS and survey, Geographical Information Systems, videography, and other high technologies in digital preservation. The Knowledgebase will list websites and resource centers that may be of use for further information on specialty topics; and we will include technical information (such as technical specifications and independent accuracy tests) for the various technologies and methodologies discussed.

Currently we have 20 entries in the Knowledgebase and we will continue to research and archive information, updating the Knowledgebase on a regular basis, making it a living archive of valuable and insightful information and data. Some of the current entries include scanner tech specs such as the ones for the new Leica ScanStation 2 or the Faro 80/20, information resources such as the CIPA website and the Laser Scanning Forum, how-to-guides such as the informative Heritage 3D (English Heritage) beginners guide to scanning, as well as independent tests such as those conducted by Caltrans and UC Davis.

If you are a researcher, user, or developer of digital documentation, preservation, archiving, and/or dissemination technologies and feel your work is relevant to our mission, please feel free to submit your own papers for inclusion in the knowledgebase. By doing so you will help us continue its growth as a source of valuable information relevant to digital preservation of cultural heritage. Please contact us for more information on how to contribute.