Lenovo and CyArk Partner to Compute

Lenovo becomes In-Kind Partner

by Makenna Murray
March 30, 2017

As a small non-profit organization, CyArk depends on a wider community of partners to accomplish our mission of preserving and sharing the world’s heritage.  We are fortunate to receive support in many forms ranging from sustaining contributions, to site specific sponsorship, to small donations that help to offset the ongoing cost of running the organization. One meaningful way that companies are contributing to CyArk’s heritage preservation work is through the donation of critical equipment and services that support our program execution. 

These hidden costs of operating can be tricky to cover, so when we are approached by industry leaders whose core activities and products are a match for our work in the field or the office, it can be a win-win. From cameras to GPS units to hard drives, laptops and beyond, our teams take almost a whole office-worth of equipment into the field with them!

CyArk would like to extend a big thank you to one of our newest in-kind supporters and members of our network of partners, Lenovo whose generous contribution of laptops helps us to capture what we need in the field and share these incredible sites with you!

Processing in the field is a constant battle. From projects at home to our most extreme projects abroad, CyArk needs to be able to ingest and review our data daily to assess its quality and inform the coming days capture. Though Lenovo’s generous contribution of several ThinkPad P50 laptops, CyArk will be able to better manage data in the field and better train heritage professional abroad in the digital preservation process.

The ThinkPad line is perfect for CyArk’s usage. Robust and powerful enough to run our technology suite yet slim and light-weight enough to pack in to the field for a project.  Lenovo’s build quality is unparalleled and a huge benefit for our globe-trotting teams who put their equipment through its paces daily.

When we go into the field, we have one chance to capture the site, in some cases, before it is lost forever. CyArk processes every night in the field to ensure complete coverage. The Nvidia quadro graphics card brings a new level of efficiency to this process.

We also regularly get off the beaten path—beyond the reach of wifi at least—and the integrated sim card reader is a revelation allowing our teams to conveniently communicate around projects regardless of geography.

We are so grateful for this technical support from Lenovo and look forward to a busy project season this summer!