New Technology Center at Mid-Pacific Institute in Hawaii

by Justin Barton
January 29, 2014
This week CyArk is working with Mid-Pacific Institute (MPI) in Honolulu, HI, USA to provide training in 3D laser scanning technology and data collection and processing. Faculty members from MPI's elementary school, middle school, and high school are participating in the training seminar. MPI has joined CyArk as a Technology Center to bring the latest 3D reality capture technologies—and the skills to utilize them—to all grade levels. Next term, MPI will be introducing a unique history class to its high school curriculum, which will also provide students with a technology credit. Class participants will learn about local Hawaiian history through collaborating with CyArk to conduct a class project in digital preservation of a local cultural heritage site. The training taking place this week is being used to document MPI’s own heritage assets: a historic Art Deco-themed mansion located on the school's property. The mansion was recently acquired by MPI from the former owners, and the historic structure is partially dilapidated. The scanning and data processing taking place this week will provide the foundation for the MPI faculty's training, and will also generate a point-in-time record to be referenced during the school's restoration and repurposing of the historic structure. Here's a video from Day 1 of scan training! Created by: Leilani Sills MPI is a “School of the Future,” as designated by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools. As such, it is fitting that the school is taking the lead in integrating digital documentation into the curricula for all of its students. MPI recently purchased a FARO Focus3D, two DotProduct hand-held scanners, and two iPad-mounted Structure Sensor scanners. These machines are being added to the school technology lab, which already boasts a MakerBot Replicator (3d printer) and MakerBot Digitizer (desktop 3D scanner). Younger elementary and middle school children have been introduced to 3D technologies with the MakerBot tools and Autodesk’s suite of 123D software. The new DotProduct and iPad scanners will enrich the young students' cutting-edge curricula, while the high school students will continue the 3D reality capture revolution with their heritage class projects in partnership with CyArk. You can follow MPI and its leadership in creating an educational paradigm shift through 3D curricula on Twitter, at @MPIPresident and @midpac. And follow @CyArk for more in-the-field updates on this training and future partnerships!
Day 1 of scan training underway at Art-Deco mansion on MPI's campus
Scanner in action
Learning about the scanner's functionality