Ruth Parsons Named Executive Director for CyArk Europe

CyArk adds former Historic Scotland CEO to its management team

by CyArk
May 29, 2013
Ruth took up the position of Executive Director, CyArk Europe, on the 1st January this year following a successful 30 year career as a Civil Servant working to both the UK and Scottish Governments.

Ruth was introduced to CyArk and its Mission when she became Chief Executive of Historic Scotland in 2009. Prior to her arrival, CyArk had established a partnership with Historic Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art to deliver a major Scottish Government funded project, “The Scottish Ten”.

CyArk was established by Ben and Barbara Kacyra in 2003 as a not for profit organisation to address the needs of digital preservation of the world’s heritage. Following successful projects in Europe the CyArk Board decided to establish its first sister organisation in Scotland to deliver on the CyArk mission and objectives. One of the highlights this year will be to host a major event to launch the CyArk 500 – to digitally preserve 500 of the World’s cultural heritage sites in the next 5 years - at the Tower of London on 21-22 October this year.

Ben Kacyra said of this recent appointment, "I am thrilled to have Ruth Parsons as our Executive Director for CyArk Europe. As CyArk has continued to grow and take on exciting new projects, we decided it was time to expand our operations in Europe to help CyArk achieve its mission and the CyArk 500. Ruth's extensive career in both the UK and Scottish Governments makes her an ideal candidate to strengthen our ties with the European heritage community. I look forward to working closely with Ruth and our partners across Europe to build on CyArk's success and expand the reach of our digital preservation work."

Of her new position Ruth said, "I am delighted to take up the position of Executive Director of CyArk Europe. From the first moment I learned of CyArk’s mission, I wanted to support its charitable aims to digitally preserve the world’s heritage to secure it for future generations. Using the 3D data, we can improve the way we engage with the public and teach our children about our heritage, developing innovative and creative ways to tell the great stories of our past. I look forward to working with the heritage community and our partners across Europe, capturing and preserving our precious heritage sites for future generations.”
Ruth Parsons named Executive Director of CyArk Europe