Stay Informed with the CyArk Loop

New Features for Keeping Tabs

by Dan Walsh
November 10, 2008
We've recently launched a few, new features in an effort to help keep everyone informed and "in the loop" regarding CyArk's activities, news, and upcoming projects. The first and most notable edition is the news feed on the home page. It displays the five most recent articles written in our blog and categorizes them based on subject matter. Hopefully this will help you, our wonderful CyArk users, to more easily discern just what we've been up to. We're not sitting on our hands here, and we want you to know how hard we're working to preserve cultural heritage.

The second addition is the ability to upload and make available additional photos and documents to each blog entry. Sometimes we have great photos of places and events that we want to share, but don't quite belong in the Projects section. Liz's article about her adventures in Oaxaca is a great example. These will be available at the end of the blog entry, under the heading "Related Images". Simply roll over the thumbnail with your mouse to see a larger image, or click to get the full resolution. Occasionally we create an exceptionally compelling PowerPoint presentation that would be useful to show as well. We want to share these with you, and now we can. Related Documents will be added to the bottom of a blog just like photos.

The third feature should be a familiar one: RSS. Yes, we finally have an RSS feed set up for our blog. It's located at the top right corner of every blog entry, so no matter which article you land on, you'll be able to subscribe. If you're unfamiliar with RSS, it stands for Real Simple Syndication, and is an easy way to stay informed about CyArk. If you'd like to subscribe, simply click the orange RSS button and sign up.

The fourth and last change has been a behavioral shift here at the CyArk office. We can add all kinds of features to the site, but the simple truth is that it won't do any good unless we put forth a committed effort to keeping you informed. To address this, we have set new guidelines for content creation and sharing. This is more than just announcing when we launch a new project, and includes technical how-to's regarding laser scanning, news on potential projects, heritage in the news, and even Liz's adventures in the field, to name a few.

We hope you like the new features, and upcoming articles, so let us know what you think. Are there any features we missed that you'd like to see on CyArk? We are also hoping to occasionally have a few guest bloggers on the site to keep things interesting, so let us know if you'd be interested.