Videos from the CyArk 500 Launch & Conference Go Live

by Devon Haynes
November 19, 2013
CyArk is pleased to announce that following the successful 500 Challenge Launch & Conference event in London last month, video footage from the event is now live on the CyArk YouTube page. All conference videos can be viewed through the newly created CyArk 500 playlist. Relive the conference, take a second look at conference sessions, or experience it all for the first time.

Don't miss the conference overview:

Or the special message from James Cameron about the 500 Challenge and his Titanic database:

All conference sessions are available through the CyArk 500 playlist on YouTube. Learn about the need for digital preservation, the tools available today, and the conservation and education benefits digital preservation brings to heritage sites.

We hope you'll spread the word about the CyArk 500 to friends and colleagues. The first deadline for submitting site nominations to the 500 is December 31, 2013. Help us in saving our magnificent heritage and submit a letter of interest for a site that is significant to you today.

For more information on the 500 and selection criteria, take a look at the 500 Process Outline and the 500 Request for Submissions. Or, contact devon.haynes(at)

With your help we can accomplish this unprecedented initiative. Thank you for your support!

Ben and Barbara Kacyra at the close of the CyArk 500 Launch & Conference
Ceremonial Ark constructed by Historic Scotland apprentice stonemasons