Why you should attend the CyArk 500 Annual Summit

by Elizabeth Lee
September 18, 2015

With the CyArk 500 Annual Summit just 4 weeks away, you may be wondering if you should join us in Berlin.

If the history, architecture and cultural scene in Berlin on the 25th anniversary of reunification isn't enough to draw you in, here are three reasons you should join us October 20-21st at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

1. You Want to Learn

This two-day conference is designed to expose attendees to insightful talks and presentations at the intersection of culture and technology. This year the conference theme is Resilience through Innovation. Below are a few of the highlights:

How does a national heritage agency make use of 3D tech? Dr. David Mitchell of Historic Scotland will discuss their use of 3D scanning including crisis-deployment.

How do you crowd source heritage? Matthew Vincent will be speaking about Project Mosul and the efforts to reconstruct lost artifacts from community contributed images.

How do you provide first aid to cultural heritage after natural disasters? Rohit Jigyasu will be speaking on the subject of the Nepal earthquake and the cultural heritage response

What role can 3D printing play in preserving our history? Moreshin Allahyari will be presenting on her work to use 3D printing to counter destruction by the Islamic State.

2. Touch the Latest Technology

The CyArk 500 Annual Summit is an opportunity to not only see the latest in 3D capture and dissemination technologies, but to interact with the technologies and their creators first-hand. Here are a few of the highlights over the two-day event:

The museum of the future: Listen to Ars Electronica speak about how to transform a museum space into the Mayan jungle or a neolithic landscape.

How VR/ AR will change our world: Watch Adrian Ferrier from Trimble-Hololens present on the applications for VR/ AR in our daily lives

Lightning tech talks: Join in the technology demo session Tuesday afternoon for lightning talks from experts from the 3D capture and data storage fields.

3. Grow Your Network

Hosted meals, breaks and a drinks reception allow ample time to connect with new colleagues, customers and collaborators. Connect with experts in the field and researchers pushing the boundaries.

• Discuss the needs of the heritage and museum worlds with representatives from ministries of Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya and Thailand among others alongside members of the CyArk 500 Advisory Council.

• Engage in how heritage is managed at a global scale with former Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre Francesco Bandarin.

• Meet the team from Obsura Digital who are Projecting Change for global issues through work like turning the Empire State Building into a screen for endangered wildlife.

• Connect with researchers from American, European and Asian universities.

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The 2 day event will be held at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.