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CyArk is unlocking the power of 3D technology to make the world's cultural heritage accessible to new audiences and future generations
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Founded in 2003, CyArk pioneered the application of 3D recording technologies to the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage and has worked with local partners at over 200 sites in more than 40 countries.
Our 20 Year Journey
CyArk strives to connect new audiences to heritage through digital documentation and the creation of place-based web, mobile and immersive experiences that inspire reflection, conversation and imagination.
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Historic places play a critical role in building and defining cultural and community identity, yet often remain unknown or out of reach for many.
By creating more equitable and respectful access to places through digital technologies, CyArk aims to lift up new voices and increase understanding of our past and our shared human experience.
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Our work seeks to have impact across a number of areas, from building digital documentation skills and capacity to making the resulting data usable, accessible and reaching new audiences.
Creating Equitable Access to Cultural Heritage
Our work seeks to expand access to cultural heritage through virtual experiences that reduce the geographic and financial barriers to visiting these places and learning their stories.
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Building Capacity in the Cultural Heritage Sector
Virtual and in-person workshops build both hard and soft skills that support the local management and protection of cultural heritage and have broad applicability and value in numerous career paths.
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Making Data Open and Reusable
Our work supports the broad re-use of 3D cultural heritage datasets for education, research and non-commercial purposes through the OpenHeritage3D project.
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Lyon Martin House
Learn about the life of pioneering lesbian activists Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon and San Francisco's newest historic landmark.
Busanyin Shrine
Learn about how our work informed upcoming restoration efforts after catastrophic flooding and built local capacity in digital documentation.
OpenHeritage3D is host to the digital documentation data from the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey (MAHS).
Featured Partners
CyArk's continued work and impact is possible through the generous support of our donors and funders:
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CyArk was founded in 2003 by Ben Kacyra, one of the early pioneers in the development and commercialization of LiDAR technology and the founder of Cyra Technologies.
As the underlying technology for capturing 3D data of cultural heritage has rapidly evolved over the last 20 years, so has our mission. Our focus has grown from developing the methods for capture and archiving for posterity to unlocking the data's full potential as a canvas for storytelling and aid in physical conversation efforts`.
Our Values
Mission Our Values
An inclusive definition of heritage that aspires to elevate diverse communities and their histories.
Mission Our Values
Presenting diverse voices and perspectives, especially those historically underrepresented.
Mission Our Values
Working in partnership with and for communities with full transparency to help meet their goals.
Mission Our Values
Encourage an environment that fosters innovation and encourages experimentation.
Mission Our Values
Sharing and openness with our methods and data to unlock their full value.
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