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Aam Khas Bagh

Known today as Aam Khas Bagh, this sixteenth century Mughal garden complex was originally named for Hafiz Sultan Muhammad Rakhna of Herat, the famed shiqdar (revenue collector) of Sirhind. The garden composition is influenced by the formal garden tradition of Central Asia and Persia. After Rakhna’s death, several Mughal emperors took great interest in the garden, including Jahangir (r. 1605-27) and Shah Jahan (r. 1627-58), both of whom expanded the complex and rested within its walls during travel.

Aam Khas Bagh is a key monument along the historic Grand Trunk Road, the imperial highway of the Mughal era used to traverse the north of the Indian Subcontinent. The garden complex complements a small palace and contains three rectangular enclosures, including domed bastions, an artificial lake, a long water channel adorned with carved fountains, and a traditional bathhouse, known as a hammam. Today, the site is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India and has been listed on the World Monuments Fund Watch List since 2012.

Historical Period
1520 CE - 1730 CE
30° 38' 11" N, 76° 23' 50" E


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