Founded in 1350 C.E., Ayutthaya was the Siamese capital of Thailand until the 18th century. Ayutthaya developed into a booming city starting in 1378 C.E., surpassing the old capital of Sukhothai. King Ramathibodi declared Ayutthaya the new capital and it was named after a magical kingdom from the Ramakien, an epic story about Thailand. The city was attacked and burned to the ground in 1767 C.E. by the Burmese army. The only remaining buildings in Ayutthaya are of stone, as the wood structure burned to the ground in 1767 C.E. After the destruction of Ayutthaya, the capital was moved to Bangkok and there was an effort to recreate the urban template and architecture of Ayutthaya. In Thai, the official name of Bangkok retains Ayutthaya as part of the formal name.


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