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Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, a large U.S. Army installation in North Carolina, is the site of many historic structures representative of the South's antebellum heritage. Two such structures, Long Street Presbyterian Church and Sandy Grove Presbyterian Church, built in 1847 and 1854 respectively, are the two oldest structures on the army installation, and served as the primary cultural, social, and religious centers for the community until 1921 and 1923, at which point the two sites were purchased by the US Army. The two churches are excellent representations of vernacular religious architecture in pre-Civil War North Carolina.

The initiative for the preservation of Long Street and Sandy Grove Churches is the result of recent Historic American Buildings Survey documentation and cutting-edge technologies facilitated by the Fort Bragg Cultural Resource Management Program. In 2013, CyArk partnered with the Savannah District of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the cultural resources management firm New South Associates to digitally document the Long Street and Sandy Grove churches. CyArk's web portal allows the digital reconstruction of the two churches to tell their story down to the wood grain. Due to the lack of any original architectural plan and the regular threat of fire damage, this digital reconstruction is essential in carrying forward the integrity of North Carolina's historic churches.

United States of America
Field Documentation
May 1, 2013
Historical Period
1847 CE - 1923 CE
35° 3' 25" N, 79° 16' 13" W


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