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Lourdes Grotto

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto is a highly revered Catholic pilgrimage site, visited by roughly 6 million pilgrims each year. Located in the small market town of Lourdes in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains, Lourdes Grotto is famous for the Marian apparitions witnessed by several individuals, beginning with Bernadette Soubirous in 1858.

Because of these frequent miracles, Lourdes Grotto has been replicated all over the world as an inspiration of purity and spirituality. In January, 2013, CyArk partnered with Organization & Networks (ON) and Christofori Und Partner to digitally document and reconstruct the Lourdes Grotto. ON is an architectural design and construction organization that proposed an accurate life-size replica of Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto as a prayer sanctuary for the Catholic Diocese of Cheong-ju, South Korea. CyArk provided the laser scanning technology for this project in an effort to generate an accurate 3D model to ensure that the architectural integrity and detail remains in the archival record.

Early in 2013, the Sanctuary of Lourdes Grotto was severely damaged by flooding in the area. Local authorities and communities have come together in solidarity to restore the damaged areas, and CyArk's efforts on this project will further the preservation efforts.

Historical Period
1858 BCE - 1876 BCE
43° 5' 51" N, 0° 3' 30" W


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