Royal Tombs at Kasubi

The Royal Tombs at Kasubi are located on 30 hectares of traditionally-farmed agricultural hillside in the modern African nation-state of Uganda. They are the final resting places of the last four Kabakas (kings) of the 700-year old Buganda Kingdom. As the Kabaka is considered to be the spiritual, social, and political heart for the Ganda people, this sacred burial ground thus holds a vitally important place in the national psyche as the most active place of religious activity in the Kingdom. The Royal Tombs suffered significant damage by fire in 2010, just over one year after the site was digitally documented. The Kasubi Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are a featured project in CyArk’s 500 Challenge.

Field Documentation
February 1, 2009
0° 19' 45" N, 32° 33' 11" E


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