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Sue-meg State Park

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CyArk collaborated with California State Parks to digitally document and produce a freely-accessible virtual guided tour of Sue-meg Village, part of Sue-meg State Park in northern California. The park protects an area that is known to the Yurok community as Sumêg and includes a recreated Yurok village constructed through a collaboration between CA State Park and the Yurock community. As part of the California state government’s Reexaminting Our Past Initiative, the park is part of ongoing work to identify and redress discriminatory names. Responding to the formal request of the Yurok tribe in 2021, CA State Parks changed the name from Patrick's Point State Park to Sue-meg State Park. The resulting virtual tour of the Sumêg Village will amplify Indigenous history and ongoing connection to the land and provide opportunities for diverse audiences to engage with the place. This project was made possible through generous support from Iron Mountain as part of the larger Journey to Equal Rights initiative.

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