CyArk at Presidio Teacher's Night

by Nicole Medina
October 8, 2008
On October 1, CyArk presented at the annual Presidio Teacher's night in San Francisco, CA. The event was attended by over 500 Bay Area teachers and dozens of presenters. The theme of this year's event, All Over the Map: Re-imagining Geography, was a wonderful opportunity showcase the new educational content featured on the CyArk website.

During the evening CyArk representatives Nicole Medina and Elizabeth Lee spoke with many teachers about using CyArk in an educational setting. Teachers were invited to take "virtual tours" of historical sites on the CyArk website-no permission slips required! Demos of using 3-D models as math and science extensions were also featured. The conference's location in the historic Presidio provided teachers with the unique opportunity to view 3-D models one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco—while standing just meters away from the original structure. Point clouds, panoramas, elevation drawings and videos of the Presidio Officer's Club can now be found on the CyArk archive.

For teachers interested in using ready-made activities in their classroom, CyArk was also able to provide handouts of lesson plans highlighting hands-on and computer based investigations. Teachers who wanted to teach a CyArk lesson were given the opportunity to sign up for a meeting on customizing lesson plans with a CyArk Education representative.

Throughout the evening the CyArk booth was was heavily visited by teachers and other presenters. It was an amazing night to meet and speak with so many dedicated teachers in the Bay Area.

If you missed out on Presidio Teacher's night, you are encouraged to check out the lesson plans in the Education section of the CyArk website. Teachers interested in using a CyArk lesson plan have the option of joining our teacher advisory committee and receiving help in customizing an activity. For more information about the CyArk Education Program, please contact Nicole Medina, at email address

If you are a teacher and have used CyArk or a lesson plan from CyArk in your classroom, we would love to hear from you as well!
The CyArk booth was visited by many teachers and other presenters throughout the evening.
Presentations at Teachers Night included 3-D models and virtual tours of sites. Lesson plans were also provided for teachers.
Elizabeth Lee talks with teachers about using CyArk in a classroom setting.
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