CyArk Education Outreach Events in the San Francisco Bay Area

by Nicole Medina
September 25, 2008
On Sunday, September 21st, CyArk was invited back to the Lawrence Hall of Science to once again present the ever-popular archaeology and erosion activity.

The event was hosted at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley as part of Community Day. Admission to the science museum and all the activities was free. Over 1,600 people attended Community Day at the Lawrence Hall of Science!

CyArk representative Nicole Medina and Elizabeth Lee presented the CyArk "Archaeology and Erosion" activity to kids throughout the day. Kids of all ages enjoyed building scale models of pyramids from the Mayan site of Tikal in sugar cube form. The activity was a huge hit with kids, especially when it came time to destroy their pyramids! After building scale models, kids were invited to observe the effects of erosion by doing their own experiment with their sugar cube pyramid and water. Comics and handouts in both in English and Spanish were provided for kids interested in trying the experiment at home.

The event was also a perfect time to present he new 3-D models of Chichen Itza to the public. The 3-D models and laser scan technology impressed both kids and adults. The Chichen Itza models will soon be available on the CyArk website.

If you missed the CyArk demonstration at the Lawrence Hall of Science, you can try your own experiment at home following these instructions.
Kids experiement with sugar cubes and laser scan models at the Lawrence Hall of Science Community Day.
CyArk created comics to help kids learn more about laser scanners and erosion at archaeology sites.
Comics and instructions for the experiment were also available in Spanish
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