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Open Access
We believe in the value of sharing our data to facilitate broad reuse and unlock its full potential for education, research and other non-commercial purposes.
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We encourage our site partners and collaborators to provide open access to 3D data where possible but are aware that cultural sensitivities, security issues and other concerns means that this is not always possible or appropriate.
An Online Repository for Primary 3D Cultural Heritage Data
To facilitate our open access goals CyArk is a founding member and host institution for the Open Heritage 3D project, an online repository for primary 3D cultural heritage data.
Large Datasets
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Open Heritage 3D aims to make 3D cultural heritage data accessible and reusable by the public and remove the barriers 3D content producers face in the publication and dissemination of these large datasets.
Open Heritage 3D hosts hundreds of datasets from CyArk as well as other contributing organizations from around the world.
Amphitheatre of Carthage,
The Department of Antiquities (DoA) in Jordan
Els Vilars Fortess,
Collected by Calidos
Collected by University of California Berkeley , xRez Studio
Datasets are composed of LiDAR scans, photogrammetric imagery and other spatial data collected and are made available for reuse under a set of creative commons license types.
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