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CyArk develops place-based storytelling experiences for web and mobile as well as immersive applications for Virtual Reality
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These experiences provide opportunities for virtual visitors to engage and connect with cultural heritage in new and powerful ways.
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Tapestry is CyArk’s platform for building and telling place-based stories on web and mobile devices.
Key Features
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Real 3D
Experience your site in true immersive 3D with the freedom to explore an open environment.
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Simple Navigation
Press play to experience an entire tour from start to finish or easily skip or jump between tour stops.
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Expert Narration
Take the tour with an expert guide that provides in-depth video or audio commentary at each of the tour stops
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Supplemental Media
Augment the commentary at each stop with archival imagery and video to provide greater context.
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Easily Embeddable
Embed code provides a short code snippet in HTML allowing for simple integration into existing websites.
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Optimized for Web and Mobile
Tapestry tours are designed for both web and mobile devices with adaptable UI elements that expand and contract with available screen space.
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Closed Captions
Closed captions are available for all audio and video and can be made available in multiple languages increasing reach and accessibility.
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Additional hand-modeled 3D scenes that augment the site model and bring your tour to life.
What is a Tapestry
Take a tour through a photorealistic 3D model with commentary from expert guides at key points and explore historical photos and other archival material.
Mobile Version
CO, United States of America
Balcony House, Mesa Verde National Park
Mobile Version
Osun, Nigeria
Osun Osogbo
Sacred Groves
Mobile Version
CA, United States of America
César E. Chávez
National Monument
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Immersive History
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CyArk develops unique storytelling experiences specifically tailored for the presentation and exploration of cultural heritage in Virtual Reality, harnessing the powers of this medium to transport the visitor and create a true sense of place and connection.
CyArk's Immersive Experiences
Discover our Immersive Storytelling Experiences
Discover the temples of Bagan and see first-hand how digital conservation is helping to preserve the city's earthquake-damaged temples.
MasterWorks: Journey Through History
Travel to three continents and visit some of the world's most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history in Virtual Reality.
Visit Mesa Verde Balcony House, hear their footsteps as you walk around, and take in the stories of the people who lived there with real voices of descendant communities.
The Bernard Zakheim
History of Medicine in California features a collection of New Deal-era murals painted by Bernard Zakheim which brings to life the history of medicine in California through immersive virtual reality.
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Our Process
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At the core of our Tapestry and VR experiences is a high resolution and photorealistic 3D model that serves as the perfect canvas for storytelling and provides opportunities for open world exploration.
We employ a collaborative narrative development process to help adapt existing interpretive plans and tours for physical locations or create an entirely new interpretative framework to help reach a new virtual audience.
Our interpretive planning process consists of 4 steps completed prior to digital documentation fieldwork:
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Understanding Goals and Objectives
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Exploring Interpretive Opportunities
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Concept Brief Creation
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