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CyArk helps reach and engage new audiences with stories that celebrate our cultural heritage.
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We develop virtual experiences for web and mobile with our platform Tapestry as well as immersive experiences for a variety of virtual reality platforms.
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What is Tapestry?
Tapestry is a web-based storytelling platform that brings places to life, connecting users with the history, culture, and emotions that shape each location.

Tapestry facilitates immersive exploration of a place by combining cutting-edge 3D modeling with story-driven narratives and people's lived experiences. Guided by a narrator and people connected to the site, Tapestry allows new opportunities for exploration through an emotionally resonant journey.

Each Tapestry utilizes a high-resolution 3D model as a canvas for overlaying other structured narrative elements that create a sense of place including ambient audio, archival imagery, and interviews.
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Connect with New Audiences
Tapestry's 3D virtual experiences allow sites to reach audiences beyond the constraints of in-person visitation. The engaging 3D visualizations and narrative storytelling enable forging connections with remote/online audiences in ways that are sometimes inaccessible in person.
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Elevate Underrepresented Voices and Stories
Elevate diverse voices by providing a digital space to share the rich, underrepresented histories tied to heritage sites. Tapestry presents an opportunity to provide multiple perspectives on places and weave a more nuanced and complete narrative.
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Virtual Educational Resource
Provide a digital educational resource for students to explore the in-depth stories of your site for classroom learning or self-guided virtual field trips. By leveraging Tapestry, sites can offer educators a powerful platform to facilitate meaningful educational experiences by bringing history and culture to life.
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Accurate 3D Documentation
3D documentation of a site utilizing LiDAR and photogrammetry is used to create a photo-textured model for storytelling but can also be reused for various purposes, including visualization, conservation, and restoration efforts.
How does it work?
At CyArk, we take a collaborative approach to crafting a Tapestry virtual experience. Through our proven multi-stage process, we work hand-in-hand with site partners and key stakeholders to produce an engaging experience for your target audience:
Consultation & Story Development
We begin with in-depth consultations to align on goals and identify the key themes, perspectives, and interpretive elements connected to each location. Our experts in spatial storytelling guide partners through mapping the story and narrative components into an immersive digital experience tied to the physical layout and features of the site.
3D Data Capture
Once the narrative scope is defined, CyArk's field teams use state-of-the-art documentation technologies to meticulously capture detailed geometry and texture data needed to construct a photorealistic 3D model of the site. Interviews with community members, academics, and site stewards also take place during this time and become the voices of the experience.
We collaborate closely with partners throughout an iterative process to refine the storytelling experience, ensuring the narrative and supporting elements are integrated into the 3D environment to maximum effect.
Once complete, the published Tapestry experience can be seamlessly embedded and explored through partners' websites, reaching global audiences. Tapestrys are designed for cross-platform compatibility on web, mobile, and tablets.
After publication partners will receive quarterly reports on visitation and engagement with the virtual experience to asses impact and reach.
Platform Features
Interviews and Oral Histories
Integrate interviews and oral histories into the narrative to deepen audience engagement and learning opportunities. Insights from community members, academics, and site stewards can help forge emotional connections with virtual visitors.
Archival and Supplemental Material
Photos, videos, oral histories, and archival material can be incorporated into the experience providing additional context and opportunities for deeper exploration by the virtual visitor.
Multilingual Support
Reach a wider audience with Tapestry's multilingual support and connect with diverse audiences worldwide. All components of a Tapestry including the user interface and narration can be produced and accessed in an alternate language.
Accessibility Compliance
Tapestry is fully accessible, meeting WCAG and Section 508 standards. From screen reader compatibility to high contrast mode, we are striving to ensure that all users can engage with these places and their stories.
Seamless Embedding
Tapestry is easily integrated into your website, providing an engaging educational resource for virtual visitors.
Fully Hosted
Tapestry is a hassle-free, cloud-hosted web app, eliminating the need for complex infrastructure setup. Launch your immersive storytelling experience with ease.
Cliff Palace
Explore a cliff dwelling and hear from descendent communities
Cesar Chavez
A Home and Refuge for the Chávez Family and the Farm Labor Movement
El Kurru
A 2,500 year old tomb protected by the local community
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Immersive History
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CyArk develops unique storytelling experiences specifically tailored for the presentation and exploration of cultural heritage in Virtual Reality, harnessing the powers of this medium to transport the visitor and create a true sense of place and connection.
CyArk's Immersive Experiences
Discover our Immersive Storytelling Experiences
Discover the temples of Bagan and see first-hand how digital conservation is helping to preserve the city's earthquake-damaged temples.
MasterWorks: Journey Through History
Travel to three continents and visit some of the world's most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history in Virtual Reality.
Visit Mesa Verde Balcony House, hear their footsteps as you walk around, and take in the stories of the people who lived there with real voices of descendant communities.
The Bernard Zakheim
History of Medicine in California features a collection of New Deal-era murals painted by Bernard Zakheim which brings to life the history of medicine in California through immersive virtual reality.
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