CyArk Prepares for Laser Scanning Mt. Rushmore

Laser Scanning portion of Digital Preservation Project to Start May 10

by Elizabeth Lee
May 8, 2010
Things have been very busy at CyArk lately. Between our office move last month and our on-going projects, we have not been very diligent about our blogging. We hope to improve this through upcoming field blogs and updates.

The past few weeks we have been very busy preparing for our upcoming work at Mt. Rushmore. Over the next two weeks our Scottish partners at the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation (CDDV) will be using their scanning expertise to accurately capture the monument and the park with 3D laser scanners. The work happening over the next few weeks is a very significant portion of the Kacyra Family Foundation/ CyArk's 5-year program with the park. The 3D digital capture of the memorial is just the first step in a program that includes a heavy emphasis on the public dissemination of the data and the creation of 3D educational games for children.

The last two weeks of preparation at the CyArk offfice have been very exciting. Through the incredible efforts of our team of student interns from UC Berkeley we were able to construct a scale model of Mt. Rushmore to aid in planning throughout the project. We also owe a huge Thank You to our friends at local business Sports Basement for their generous donation to make sure our team would be properly attired on the mountain.

In addition to the work we have been doing at the office, the initial survey work on-site was also completed within the last few weeks by our local partners RESPEC Engineering and Wyss and Associates. With the initial survey work in place, things are all set for the scanning to begin next week.

We are all looking forward to the work with the National Park Service, CDDV, RESPEC Engineering, and Wyss and Associates next week. Wish us good weather and low winds, and check back for updates from the field.

The 3/32 scale model produced from foam core. The different pins represent different scanners and scanner positions
Setting up the initial survey at the park
Photo of the survey monument installed for the project