National Geographic Magazine Features CyArk and Partners

October 2010 Issue Features CyArk in Big Idea

by Elizabeth Lee
September 24, 2010
The October 2010 issue of National Geographic features a 3-page article about CyArk and our mission. An abbreviated version of the article may be viewed at:

The article begins on page 24 of the magazine and displays images from the site of Rapa Nui and the Royal Tombs at Kasubi.

We are very proud to have the data from both these projects in the CyArk archive. Neither of these projects would have been possible without the generous contributions of our partners and project supporters.

The Rapa Nui project was made possible through the work of Autodesk, Metco Services, and Leica Geosystems. To read more about how this project started with a trip to the island by Autodesk's Pete Kelsey, read the article in Fortune Magazine and visit the project narrative section.

The Royal Tombs at Kasubi digital preservation project was made possible through the efforts of a volunteer partner with donated equipment from Plowman Craven.

Although the main tomb was tragically destroyed in March 2010, the foresight to capture the structure created a digital version of the tomb which can still be viewed and experienced.

We hope you all enjoy reading the article and re-visting the data from both of these projects.
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