Using CyArk in the Classroom

Make history come alive in the classroom with CyArk

by Nicole Medina
October 17, 2008
CyArk has a variety of resources that can be used in an educational setting. Whether you're teaching history, math, or science, there's a number of ways for educators to use CyArk in the classroom.

Take a virtual field trip.
Wander through an ancient Egyptian temple and see giant statues of Ramses II.
Survey the Guatemalan countryside by climbing the ancient Mayan pyramids of Tikal.
Climb into a Pueblo cliff dwelling at ancient Mesa Verde and imagine what life was like for Native Americans.

The CyArk website features ancient multimedia from heritage sites around the world. 3-D models, photographs, immersive panoramas, and videos from a number of sites are available for free to the public. Each piece of multimedia is accurately placed on a map and has a detailed, extensively researched description. Explore the multimedia by using the project map to virtually tour a location with your class.

Play with 3-D models of ancient sites.
CyArk features 3-D models of historical projects created by laser scanners. Engage your students by showing off ancient sites from any angle, or by screening fly-through videos of these projects.

Using the ruler tools in the CyArk 3-D viewer, you can even get exact measurements of any part of a 3-D model. Create connections between math, science, and history, by having students measure how much the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans. With the CyArk 3-D Viewer, students can make their own discoveries about the engineering and construction of ancient sites.

View sites as they looked like in ancient times.
Imagine what Pompei looked like before and after the destruction of the Mount Vesuvius. Help students visualize history with models of a Roman bathhouse. Computer-generated models and artist renderings bring ruins to life.

Discover online teacher lesson plans.
Looking for ways to combine technology and hands-on activities in the classroom? The CyArk Education page has a number of interdisciplinary, teacher lesson plans, containing everything needed to teach a lesson with CyArk's materials. These plans feature hands-on and computer based activities aligned to CA State Standards and can be used to teach multiple subjects. Teacher background, preparation information, slideshows, and student sheets are all included.

If you are a teacher and have questions or need help using a CyArk lesson plan, contact Nicole Medina, the CyArk Education Program Developer at email address. We can also work with you to customize a lesson plan from our website for your class.

If you are a teacher and want to share your experience of using CyArk in the classroom, we invite you to tell your story as a guest blogger. We'd love to hear your story!
Use the <a href="">3-D viewer</a> to investigate exactly how much the Leaning Tower of Pisa is leaning.
Glimpse into the past with computer-generated reconstructions. This is a <a href="">reconstruction</a> of a Roman bath house in Weißenburg.